ERP Support

SycaERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, ProjectManagement ,WarehouseMgmt,Manufacturing, Financial Management .

SycaERP is a web-based ERPbusiness solution. SycaERP’s Java based architecture focuses on two development frameworks:

  • Model-driven development, in which developers describe the application in terms of models rather than code.
  • Model-view-controller, in which the presentation logic and the business logic are kept isolated.
These two models allow for integration with other programs and for a simple interface. SycaERP can also create and export reports and data to several formats, such as PDF and Microsoft Excel. Complete integration, interconnection and upward /downward connectivity in all models of the ERP modules.Mobile interface for updates on Invoices as they are generatedBecause of the application of open standards.

Features Of SycaERP

  • Freedom to use program with no restriction.
  • Freedom to study a program's source and adapt it to particular needs
  • Freedom to redistribute the program.
  • Freedom to improve program and publish any improvement.

Why ScyaERP?

  • Fully Functional
  • Integrated
  • Web Based
  • Adapted to your needs
  • Open Source
  • Revolutionary Architecture
  • Modular

ERP Support

  • Sycamore work from offshore offer you full life-cycle support for ERP.
  • Functional modules level one and level two supports after production go alive.
  • User manuals/Documentation support and trainings
  • Basic Administration support (Offshore)