Document Management System

SycaDMS is designed to maintain all documents and files of company digitally. Employees/users may tend to waste much of their valuable time searching for documents and information which they contain. Moreover, there is always a threat of losing these physical documents in case of a natural hazard or emergency situation. SycaDMS is easy solution for timely retrieval of important files and handling above problem.

All the document details are stored in a centralized place for easy access but in secure manner. A web-based DMS where in only authenticated user can access his machine and documents from anywhere. System provides various search option to find out documents by name,date of creation, upload date. Supports all kinds of file formats. Easy to take timely backups of the system. It includes powerful workflow for incorporating business processes into the management of the documents.

Service Tracker

ServiceTracker software is a windows application, takes care of electronic maintenance of invoices, Warranty check and complaint registration of a product, and also keeps track of complaints referred to manufacturer company on behalf of customers, Complaint status updates, registers and updates enquiry for products by customers noting customer contact details, knowledgeBase(Service FAQ's) in local language(Marathi,Hindi etc.) and set of reports and business intelligence like Customer Loyalty report, Due Complaints report, Overdue Complaints Report, Complaints resolved and pending by technician, Revenue earned report, Free services report details etc.

The software is one-click install software easing lot many operations and easy to use software with appealing interface.